Saturday, December 23, 2006

Choosing the right blog service

A couple of months back, I began parallel publishing my blog here, and on wordpress.

I planned to use both for a while to see which would be more comfortable to use.

I also wanted to know whether the same content gets different traffic on different locations/environments - ie - blogger versus wordpress.

There was a difference:

1. Wordpress is far simpler to use, with most inputs being click, drag and drop. Including what I find most convenient - "open in new window" for links. In blogger, I needed to go into the html of each link and add the relevant code to open in new window.

2. I believe the new blogger (no more beta) has this function, and I can shift to the new look. But I believe I will lose all my customisations - links, counters, banners, etc and I would have to redo all of them in the new format. I don't have the time or energy to do that.

3. Tracking? Wordpress has a built in stat counter and traffic tracker, although quite basic. Since this is not a professional venture blog, basic stats are good enough for me. So score one more for wordpress.

4. Visitors? They're more or less the same on both locations - although search engines will rank my pages lower as they will discover duplicate content in two different locations (why? how? I'm not sure, but this is a fact I am told).

I now also have my own domain name so you can simply type that in (and bookmark it) to arrive at my blog.

At the moment you will automatically get redirected to my wordpress blog. Until I can figure out which specific software to use.

I'm just thinking aloud. I wrote it down, just in case it helps anyone out there who has a similar debate going on in your head!

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