Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Innovation vs Creativity. Organizations vs People

I just read a fascinating interview by The Strategist Team of Business Standard, with Luc de Brabandere who is an author of many books, and Paris based Vice-President of Boston Consulting Group.

In his interview, Luc talks about the differences between Innovation and Creativity (eye opening stuff here). He opines why organisations cannot be creative, but should aspire to be innovative. Creativity is a very individualist thing, which innovative organisations should encourage.

Luc also holds forth on a belief I have long held, even when I worked as an advertising creative director - "Creativity mushrooms from day-to-day realities and from seeing things from a drastically new viewpoint, angle of thought process"

Creativity as I've always believed, has to be worked at, and you cannot sit around hoping it will hit you on the head as it flies past.

You can read the entire interview on AgencyFaqs here. You can also read more about this subject in an article by Luc in Management Consulting News here.

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