Thursday, November 09, 2006

IIT Alumni - Helping build India through Innovation

They're acknowledged worldwide as some of the brainiest people on this planet. They appear in boardrooms, as well as comic strips around the world.

They're the alumni of the various Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in India, and they're getting together for a PanIIT Global Conference 2006 with the theme "Inspire to Involve and Transform India".

There's no doubt that most of these alumni of various IIT are in a position to make a difference to this country, what's amazing is their constant endeavors to do so!

The 3-day conference has a diverse variety of relevant sessions planned - including those that help understand the Indian economy, infrastructure, outlook, as well as specific areas for growth including energy, environment, bio-technology, and information technology - with a perspective on how IITians can make a difference both starting from the grassroots level and heading for the top audiences/industries.

Read more about the conference here, or keep watching this space.


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