Friday, October 13, 2006

What were they drinking??

I've never really commented in public, but I've always believed alcohol advertising - oops! make that bottled drinking water and sundry accessories advertising - in India is completely asinine!

Most of the time the user is shown as some jerky, fast paced, stupidly grinning bloke doing completely insensitive, childish and pretentious things (all at the same time). This is done under the garb of a 'supposed feeling induced by the consumption of the product' and being something that 'men will identify with'.

Yeah right.

Actually I don't blame them, I think these ideas usually are 'sparked' using the age old advertising technique of 'product interrogation'. And when you're so involved in interrogating 'playing cards and bottled water' what else can you expect anyone to come up with!??!

I see very few brands, which maintain some sense of self respect and communication, most of them need to wake up with a strong cup of coffee!

What sparked this rant of mine?

Well I was driving my 3 year old to school with his car pool friends, and suddenly they all erupted in excitement pointing out of the window - "look! look! a joker! see how funny he is!" I looked up and saw this billboard of some dude in a Roman Helmet pompously grinning at us, along with a pretentious headline for good company.

"I also seen him on TV" said my son excitedly "he's so funny, na daddy!?"

You're right son, you're right! If only more people were as perceptive as you and your kindergarten buddies!

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