Friday, December 02, 2005

Youth v/s Experience - What gets the creative juices flowing?

There was an interesting debate in the Times of India sometime back, about whether creativity flourishes best during youth, or with experience?

The Times View was that genius thrives at an advanced age, with examples of how Isaac Newton, Da Vinci, Beethoven and Archimedes were all over forty years old when their ‘Eureka moment’ happened.

But in a counter view by Himani Dalmia, she put forth the fact that Einstein, Picasso and Mozart were toddlers in comparison when hitting the ‘Big E’ moment. She supported the theory with facts like kids use 80% of their creative potential at age 5, but this drops to 2% [which is also the average usage of an adult brain] by age 12!

You want to know what I think? And how this debate relates to advertising agencies in India? Read about it here >>

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