Saturday, December 03, 2005

So, How you doin' ?!

It's perhaps one of the most redundant question we're asked every day... wherein the person who asks will perhaps get surprised, if you answer the question - truthfully, that is!

My question is, how many of us actually ask ourselves this question? And how many of us can actually answer ourselves truthfully?

Highs, Lows, Delights, Frustrations, Loves, Lusts, Hates, Truths, Untruths... they all add up to, or subtract from your balance sheet of life, defining your current state of mind and the way you approach the future.

The above also defines the way you will interact with people you come across in your life every day. And it will define their perception of you - at work and at play.

The fact is, who you are and what you do - in other words, "your reality" is entirely in your hands to nourish, nurture and project.

The first step of course is an unbiased self assessment - and if that's tough, talk to people who you trust - to be honest.

Does this sound strange to you, doing a 'personality' or 'life' audit? Why?? Don't we do it all the time at work? Don't we ask questions about our Company and our Brands? Don't we use this knowledge to our advantage - building on the positives, and working on the negatives?

We're no different. We are Brands ourselves. And if we look at ourselves objectively, life ahead will be much simpler. We'll not only be able to add value to our own existence by exploiting our positives, and filling in our need gaps, we'll also find great joy and satisfaction in adding value to the lives of those around us.

To tell you how seriously I take this, check out an audit of my own life. Courtesy of the internet of course!!

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