Friday, October 28, 2005

Rantin' n Raving All Night Long!

So what’s blogging all about?? Simply put, it’s all your rants and all your raves, published online for the world to see (or so you imagine!).

I remember a time when I crafted and re-crafted my thoughts and words a gazillion times, before sentencing them to hell at the hands of some publisher/editor/ogre.

But right now, these words are appearing as quickly as they’re appearing in my mind!

I can stimulate your mind by sharing profound thoughts and perceptive observations on everyday things and never heard of subjects (I think we should have 28 hour days)

I can entertain you by telling you how I feel (hungry, happy, ho***).

I can influence you to buy something, or not buy something (I love Pepsi advertising, but I love drinking Coke).

I can stir up a debate on any subject, and I can get governments to look at me (hey, you seen the nuclear submarine at ******** harbor using Google Earth!?)

I can tell you what I’m wearing (just jeans, but don’t worry I’m saving the sleaze for another blog).

And I can bore you to death with keyboard clatter worse than the lines you just read.

That’s the power of blogging! Keep watching this space folks, because this is just the beginning!

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